If you are new to Testlogger, then Check out the TestLogger concept and tool overview before starting!

Download & install application

Download and install TestLogger Connector from links below. Currently Windows and MacOS (Intel and Arm) are supported.

Download TestLogger Connector for Windows

Download TestLogger Connector for Mac

In Windows you must install some additional drivers in case you need to update the device firmware. Please see page Windows drivers for firmware update for further instructions.

Start the application & Login

Start TestLogger Connector and login with your TestLogger account.

Complete the wizard

When you use the TestLogger Connector for the first time, you will see a wizard opening. Wizard will help you to create some mandatory items to TestLogger including car, track and session. In the second phase of the wizard you will get help to make the first configuration for your device.

If you haven't installed you TestLogger Collector, please see page Get started for further instructions.

Connecting your Collector system

In case you skipped Wizard, you might ask how connect to my logging device. Just follow the steps below.

  1. Connect to Collector with USB cable to your computer.
  2. Indicator in Connector status bar should got Collector available.
  3. Click Connect and wait for connection to establish.
  4. If connection is succesful, then status changes to Connected

Check the application settings

Before you start configuring or starting to transfer data, it is good to check the application settings

Start logging the data

Now you are ready to start logging some data.

  1. Go ahead and do a short test run. Make sure the blue LED is solid and white LED is blinking.
  2. Import the data from Collector either via USB or directly from microSD card.
  3. Check that meta data is correct.
  4. Generate data file or create run to TestLogger.
  5. Open the file in TestLogger Analyzer that data is valid.

For more detailed instructions, please see other pages from the menu.