Configuration is essential for correct operation of Collector. Configuration can be done with device connected or manually by saving config file to memory card.

It is recommended that Collector is installed to the car and Collector is connected via USB to the computer when doing configuration.

Each config has globally unique ID, so you can create or sync configs with any device. Configs are also synced to TestLogger Manager, so if you login to Connector with another computer, you will have same configs available.

User can define the operational mode from Connector settings and it affects the Config view. Basic mode gives the user only mandatory attributes to update and Advanced mode enables all possible configuration parameters. See Settings page for more information how to change the mode.

Create configuration

New config can be created only for devices which have been connected to the Connector.

Configuration transfer with Collector

Channel calibration

Import/export configuration

General functionality

Create new config

Open config from device

Saving config locally

Configs are saved locally and also syncronised to TestLogger Manager. All available configs are listed on the left column.

Save config to device

Editing configuration

Configuration is splitted into multiple categories depending on input type plus there is a special category for general settings.

Operation mode effects what parameters are visible. By using Advanced mode you will get all parameters visible.


General section allows you to define config name, session information, pinion size, spur gear size and operational mode.

  • Session selection is one of the critical ones. If you create a session to TestLogger Manager with correct information and save that information to the config. Then data transfer is streamlined a lot as default values for data files are generated based on the session information.
  • Pinion and spur gear are used for calculating vehicle speed when using RPM channel.
  • Operation mode gives you the possibility to select device will log data if it's powered via USB. By default logging doesn't get activated if powered via USB port.


Default receiver channels are steering and throttle/brake. Receiver channels can be calibrated on this page when a collector is connected to your pc.