Analyzer user interface is divided into four areas.

  1. Toolbar
  2. Data area
  3. Side bar
  4. Status bar

Toolbar is used to access other Analyzer functions and changing the data zoom and visibility.

  1. Open data file browser. Data stored either locally or in Testlogger Manager are opened with this dialog
  2. Close all open data files
  3. Open workspace
  4. Save workspace as file
  5. Math channel editor
  6. Track generator
  7. Lap/split editor
  8. Switch to show data either in function of time or in function of distance
  9. Activate comparison file offset possibility
  10. Zoom out to show whole data file
  11. Zoom to currently active lap
  12. Zoom in
  13. Zoom out
  14. Pan data to left
  15. Pan data to right
  16. Toggle Delta marker
  17. Open Analyzer knowledge base in browser
  18. User menu (e.g. application settings, user settings)

Data area is used to show the actual data from files based on the workspace settings. Tabs can be utilised to create different views. Read more about it from Workspace page.

Data area can be expanded vertically outside the screen view.

Side bar is used to show open data files, channel listing and workspace modules.

Side bar can be reduced or hidden from the buttons on right hand side of tabs.

Data files tab shows opened files and their relevant details. 

Each row has base and compare radio buttons, lap number, lap time, run time and total running time. Header shows files name, date, time and session. Also track, car and driver is shown if present in the files metadata. Fastest lap is highlighted.

Close file by clicking the X button in the top right corner.

Run content can be minimized with button or by pressing h.

Channel listing tab shows all base files data channels categorized based on channels type.

Each row has channels colour, name, unit and channels sampling rate.

Channel colour can be changed by clicking the colour circle.

Channels can be drag and dropped to chart elements.

Channel categories

System channelsImportant system channels to keep the system working
Standard channelsAll other logged channels
Math channelsSystem and user defined math channels.
Debugging channelsChannels used for system debugging (hidden by default).

Workspace tab shows available chart elements. See chart element descriptions in Workspace.

Workspace editor mode is activated when tab is changed to Workspace.

Drag and drop or double click to include charts in the chart area.

Status bar currently show application version, cursor position (time and distance and delta values) and status messages.

eToggle workspace edit mode tab
dToggle data files tab
cToggle channels tab
Open data file browser
hMinimize run content side bar
Hide/show side bar
Open lap editor
Open math channel editor
Open track map generator
Close all data files
aZoom out to show whole file
sZoom to cursors hovered lap
Left arrowPan file to left
Right arrowPan file to right
Up arrowZoom in
Down arrowZoom out
SpacePlace marker or remove marker
  • Select main lap you want to analyse by selecting the radio button on lap list
  • Select lap to compare to with the second radio button
  • Remove comparison lap by clicking the white radio button
  • Reset base lap zoom by clicking the green radio button

Determine whether data is shown based on funtion of time or function of distance. Note the difference!

Status bar always shows cursors position with both values. 

Left and right Arrows allow offsetting compared lap agains base lap.

Read more about lap comparison in Compare laps.

  • Use arrow keys or toolbar buttons to zoom 
  • Zooming can be done from both x-axis and y-axis of chart element by dragging the area you want to zoom
  • Double click axis and whole range will be shown
  • Mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and zoom out. Mouse cursor needs to be on top of zoomed axis.
  • Drag axis with secondary mouse button.

Line chart zoom demo

Analyzer support two data cursor modes. By default cursor in line charts will follow mouse movements and with alternative mode user needs to click primary button of the mouse to place/move the cursor in data.

Cursor mode can be changed from application settings. 

Cursor can be dragged with primary mouse button in both cursor modes.

Differences in the cursor behaviour

ActionDefault modeAlternative mode
Data cursor to follow mouseAutomaticPress mouse button while moving mouse
Fix cursor to one positionClick mouse buttonClick mouse button
Release cursor positionClick mouse buttonN/A

If the default cursor performance is bad, then we recommend switching to the alternative cursor mode from settings.

Disabling cursor markers improve cursors performance on tabs with multiple line charts.

Delta marker allows for comparing selected positions value to cursors value.

Marker is set with toolbar button or alternatively with space hotkey. 

Line legends display the cursors value and its difference to the cursors value.

Comparing works for both compared files if present.