Workspace is designed to be very flexible to fit your needs. Main features are as follows.

  • Multiple chart types (e.g. line chart, 2D scatter, 3D scatter, density)
  • Adjustable chart element sizes
  • 12 column grid for adjusting the chart sizes
  • Viewing and editing separated to own modes
  • Tabs for splitting chart elements to multiple pages
  • One page has no limit in height, so it's possible to expand the page in vertical direction over the screen size

Workspace View and edit mode

TestLogger Analyzer has separated view and edit modes for the workspace. View mode is naturally used for analysing the data and edit mode to modify the workspace. This done to give full focus on data when viewing and optimising the screen usage.

Change to edit mode is done from side bar by changing the tab to Workspace or using the keyboard shortcut e.


Remember to switch to workspace edit mode to modify tabs.

Possible actions

Add tabClick green button after last tab. Give name and click save (check mark)
Rename tabDouble click tab name. After edit, click save (check mark)
Move tabDrag and drop the tab to new position
Remove tabClick X beside the tab name

Chart area

Chart area is the place to insert your required elements for data analysing. Chart area is 12x12 grid, but it can be expanded vertically.

Chart elements

It is mandatory to switch to workspace edit mode before modifying the chart elements

Add element

Element settings

Move element

Resize element

Remove element

Chart elements types

Line chart

2D scatter chart

3D scatter chart

Density chart

Track position

Time difference chart

Split analysis

Bar chart

Gauge chart