Purpose of the Data transfer page is to import raw data either from device via USB or from memory card. Raw data is then converted to a TestLogger Manager run and TestLogger Analyzer measurement file.

Data transfer

Transfer from Collector via USB

Import raw data from local drive

Raw data files can be used directly from memory card connected to the computer or if data folder with config is copied to hard drive, then it is also possible use raw data files from it.

Processing data information

Edit lap and split times

Create run

It is highly recommended to utilise TestLogger session for creating runs. For each session you will define car, track and date, so when you import data and you have correct session in the configuration, then all basic information for the data file is correct. System also takes care that run number is incremental.

Update run

Exporting data

Data can be exported in multiple formats which are as follows.

  • TLA file - TestLogger Analyzer binary format
  • CSV file - Separator can be defined in the settings