Connector handles the firmware updates for TestLogger Collector. When Collector is connected to Connector and firmware version is older than current production, then you will have an additional button in the toolbar to open firmware updater.

Windows driver installation

Driver support in Windows 10 and Windows 11 is limited when Collector is bootloader mode. You need to update drivers as instructed below.

Install Zadig

Zadig is a Windows utility to replace drivers for USB devices. You can download the application from their website. Install Zadig by the instructions.

Change Collector to bootloader mode

Get Collector into bootloader mode. Two options for this:
  1. Try to update firmware via Connector. It should fail as the driver is not correct, but do not reset the device. if you see all three LEDs are on and dimmed, then you are in bootloader mode
  2. Press the small button via the hole on backside while powering via USB. Hole is on the right hand side of the logo.

Update driver

Update firmware

After driver is updated, then restart device and try to update the firmware