It is recommended to generate track layout for new tracks you visit as it will allow lap stretching. Lap streching is used to harmonize lap distances.

Track map is generated by using distance and lateral acceleration, so these needs to be measured/logged to be able to generate the track.

Track map for a single track needs to be generated only once. Generated track layout is stored in your computers local storage.

How to generate track map

Track generator settings

LapSelect the lap what is used to generate the track map
Distance channelSelect the channel which used for distance data. By default this is 'Calculated distance'. The base channel  'Calculated distance' calculation is defined in app settings.
Lateral acceleration channelSelect the channel which used for lateral accelaration data. By default this is 'Acceleration Y'.
Distance vs acc ratioThis variable is used to manipulate the track shape to give better representation of the track. Typically values between 1 and 2 are normal. On average 1.5 gives good shape.
RotateUsed to rotate the track map.


  • Try different laps to see which one gives the best shape. Typically it's best to start with the fastest laps.
  • To generate the best quality track map, try to run medium speed laps without sudden changes either in steering or throttle.

Track chart

Generated track layout is displayed on the track chart module. Different data channels can be visualized in the track chart based on configurable settings.

Track chart visualizes base laps channel values and different channel values are indicated with rolling colour values base on the legends colour bar.

Available track chart settings

ChannelShown data channel
Minimum valueMinimum value to display
Maximum valueMaximum value to display
Minimum value colourColour to define minimum value
Maximum value colourColour to define maximum value
Colour transition typeLegend colour indicators type