Laps and splits can be modified in the TestLogger Analyzer. Purpose of this feature is to remove some unwanted laps from the data or alternatively add laps which might have been missed.

Modifications to laps are stored only locally on your computer! Original data files are not manipulated in any way.

Open Lap editor

Click the yellow marked icon to open the lap editor.

Add lap triggers

Laps and splits can be added in any oscilloscope chart element with mouse right-click.

Remove lap triggers

  • Open lap editor
  • Click to remove lap trigger

Swap lap trigger type

  • Open lap editor
  • Click  to swap lap trigger type from lap to split or other way around


How to add missing laps/splits in Collector data?

Recommendation is to have own tab in the workspace for beacon operation and lap modifications.  Add elements as follows.

  • 1 x Split analysis
  • 1 x Oscilloscope view
    • Laptrig width

How to find the correct location for missing triggers?

  • Laptrig width is the raw measurement signal for beacons and that data is used to recognize split points and laps.
  • If you are missing e.g. laps. Look this channel if there is traces of signal changes around the time where lap signal should be located. It can happen that Collector has received some signal from Beacon, but it hasn't been powerful enough the algorithm to recogise it as a lap or split point.
  • Lap signal values should be between 30 and 50. Split signals should be around 70.

Perfect split signal

How to add laps if beacons are not in use?

In offroad try use jump take-offs to mark lap triggers manually. That happens consistently in same place, so it's easy/quick to add the lap markers.