User interface is divided into four areas which listed below.

  1. Toolbar
  2. Chart area
  3. Open files
  4. Status bar

  1. Open data file browser. Data stored either locally or in Testlogger Manager are opened with this dialog
  2. Close all open data files
  3. Save workspace as file
  4. Open workspace
  5. Edit currently active tab
  6. Delete currently active tab
  7. Add new chart element for currently active tab
  8. Channel list and channel colour editor
  9. Math channel editor
  10. Application settings
  11. Switch to show data either in function of time or in function of distance
  12. Offset comparison file (not implemented)
  13. Track generator
  14. Zoom out to show whole data file
  15. Zoom in
  16. Zoom out
  17. Pan data to left
  18. Pan data to right
aZoom out to show whole file
Left arrowPan file to left
Right arrowPan file to right
Up arrowZoom in
Down arrowZoom out
SpacePlace marker or remove marker
  • Select main lap you want to analyse by selecting the radio button on lap list
  • Click selected compare lap second time and comparison is removed
  • Click selected base lap again, selection is removed and zoom is returned back full file
  • Use arrow keys to zoom
  • Zooming can be done from both x-axis and y-axis of chart element by dragging the area you want to zoom
  • Double click axis and whole range will be shown
  • Mouse wheel can be used to zoom in and zoom out. Mouse cursor needs to be on top of axis